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01 A.O.R Brightening Eye Mask

The unique shape of this eye mask targets the delicate skin around the eyes, to reduce the signs of fatigue and eliminate dark circles and puffiness.


02 NATURAGLACE (2021 Limited) UV Protection Base SPF 50 PA+++

Evenly distributed titanium dioxide protects the skin from damage by UV rays, blue rays, and surrounding infrared rays.


03 OGAENICS Timeless Skin - Anti-wrinkle Komplex

The first-ever 100% certified organic and vegan skin complex with ceramides and plant-based squalene. After only 12 weeks, wrinkles are visibly reduced.


04 A.O.R Vitamin C Serum

Formulated with vitamin C-packed ascorbyl glucoside, it reduces dullness, the appearance of sun spots and age spots for visibly brighter skin, and a smooth, even complexion.  


05 ARGENTUM Nourishing Oil Milk Cleanser

A deeply nourishing oil milk cleanser that leaves skin feeling cushioned, supple and visibly healthier, delivering hydration whilst effectively removing make-up.


06 HENUA Beautifying Toner

Water-free formula with birch sap and pine bark extract, this award-winning Beautifying Toner is the secret to beautiful, healthy and radiant skin.

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