BEYØRG the name arose initially from BEYOND ORGANIC and was founded in 2005. Since then BEYØRG’s strong vision has created unique stores whose portfolio is distinguished by an exclusive selection of the most sought-after natural and organic beauty products, including the world’s most innovative and ground-breaking brands.

Our approach at BEYØRG has always been an authentic attitude combined with exceptional service. We have dedicated ourselves to offering you, our valued customer, a range of products - skin and body care items, make-up and accessories - in a designed ambience that is both lively and stylish.

Our products deliver visible results. That is the main reason we have been successful in the market since inception. Our concept is as efficient as it is simple: BEYØRG stands for the best possible service, and offers product decision-making in a language that you can understand. We handpick from just a very few brands and this we will continue to do. In this way we are able to guarantee you the very best products, chosen especially for Asian skin.

Our Standard

Our corporate ethos is orientated to these high standards:

    In 2005, the first natural cosmetic store in Hong Kong was opened, and it has remained the first address of today’s best brands in terms of natural, organic, cutting-edge, fresh cosmetics.

    The ingredients of all the products we carry are disclosed so that you can make informed decisions. BEYORG discloses all the ingredients used in the products, there are no hidden ingredients – what appears on the label is exactly what is in the product.

    Freshness of the products is a key part of our philosophy – We order only small quantities each time from our suppliers to ensure product freshness, and air-freight them to Hong Kong. Only fresh products can fully impart its bio-active benefits to your skin and enable you to achieve the maximum results.

    Our selected anti-aging skincare products are potent and formulated using top quality plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils which protect, nourish and improve your skin.

    We handpick the most effective products for delicate Asian skin.

    We want to share our knowledge with you. We conduct workshops with brand owners, make-up artists, and beauty professionals to help you understand our products fully. We want our clients to make informed choices, and so we also make a point of providing online and in our shops a check-list of the harmful chemicals used in other conventional cosmetics.

Why Organic?

  • Up to 80% of what we put on our skin goes into our organs, why compromise health for beauty? Today, good organic products deliver excellent and speedy skincare benefits, no different from synthetic or chemical product.

    The ugly truth of "Toxic in, Toxic out"