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Vitamin C, The Power Antioxidant


It is a nutrient found in food such as fruits and vegetables. It is an antioxidant that helps protect our cells against free radicals. Our body cannot produce nor store this water-soluble vitamin, so it is important to include them in our diet all the time to maintain healthy levels.


Benefits of Vitamin C


  1. Boosts immunity

    Discover More: Scientists found that low levels of vitamin C in blood can increase chances of infections such as common cold. In extreme cases, it can lead to scurvy - characterized by bleeding gum, weakness, tiredness, bruising, bleeding and loose teeth etc.

  2. Reduces "seasonal" sensitivities

  3. Increases metabolism and promotes cell regeneration

  4. Reduces tiredness

  5. Supports liver detoxification

  6. Helps prevent iron deficiency

  7. May lower your risk of heart disease

  8. Maintains the normal function of nervous system

  9. Stimulates fat burning

  10. May help ease your hangover

Most of the Vitamin C supplement aren't made from Oranges!

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Most vitamin supplements on the market are processed with low-cost chemicals in the laboratory. Although the structure of these synthetic Vitamin C is similar to natural plant based Vitamin C, it is only a simplified imitation.


Scientists have confirmed that the biological activity and absorption of synthetic Vitamin C are poor and may have side effects meaning it cannot replace whole food vitamins.



Your Body Cannot "Read" and "Use" Most of the Synthetic Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)!


Most synthetic vitamins are with low level of vitamin concentration and may contains cheap fillers, raising agent, stabilizer, thickener, colourings, anti-caking agent etc. (e.g. Talc, mineral oil, synthetic wood fibers, polymer) that satisfy visual and extends durability.

In conclusion, synthesized vitamins do not have much benefit on our body.



100% Natural Vitamin C


Vitamin C from raw or whole food is in its natural state which contains micronutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemicals (e.g. Bioflavonoids) with much better bioavailability and absorption.


Ogaenics Vitamin C

Complete Natural Vitamin C

Synthetic Vitamin C in the Market

Ascorbic Acid

·       100% plant-based Vitamin C with natural co-factors

·       Organic source stated, Organic Amla Fruit

      table comparisson between ogaenics vitamin c supplements and other vitamin c in the market

·       Certified Organic

·       Absorbed by our body and exert its effect

·       Complete structure Vitamin C

        Ogaenics Healthy Kick Plant-Based Vitamin C supplements

·       Claims to be a “natural” product but may only with low % and questionable efficacy

·       No indication of source. Some of them may from coal tar, corrosive acids and solvents

·       Not certified organic

·       Difficult for our body to absorb or function

·       Only a part of vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid

                                                          vitamin c dosage recommendations for different ages

If our body absorbs ascorbic acid, it will take out the rest of complete vitamin C from the body -> increasing our burden



Who needs Vitamin C?


Everyone including adults, children and the elderly should take sufficient amounts of good quality natural Vitamin C every day. Adults (with healthy lifestyle) need an average of 69 - 130mg of Vitamin C per day, 65-138mg for women*. These dosage can be obtained from Organic Amla Fruit in the Body Guard Immunity Komplex.


Most of us (may have below condition) need the extra bit of Vitamin C! Best absorption is about 240mg of Vitamin C. (Healthy Kick Plant-Based Vitamin C) at one time and the daily upper limit is 2000mg.


* European Food Safety Authority Journal 2013;11(11):3418


  • Unbalanced diet / Living in a high air pollution environment / Stressed / Weak immune system / Smoking / Passive smoking / Drinking / The three hypers / Large amount of exercise / Taking contraceptive pills

  • Pregnant women / Breastfeeding: Strengthen immunity during the important period!

  • Sweet-tooth: The more sugar in our body, the less Vitamin C can be absorbed by white blood cells. Boost the immune system by cutting down sugar and increasing Vitamin C intake!

drinking water


Suggestions below :



Pregnant/ Breastfeeding Mother

Body Guard Immunity Komplex 
(After Breakfast/Lunch)

Take 1 capsule

Body Guard Immunity Komplex 
(After Breakfast/Lunch)

Over 4 years old - Take 0.5 capsule

Over 13 years old - Take 1 capsule

Healthy Kick Plant-based Vitmain C 
(After Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner)

Take 1 capsule

Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 Komplex 2000 I.E.
(After breakfast every other day)

Take 1 capsule

Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 Komplex 2000 I.E.
(After breakfast every other day)

Over 3 years old - Take 1 capsule

Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 Komplex 2000 I.E.
(After breakfast every other day)

Take 1 capsule

Love Your Gut Daily Biotic-Komplex 
(After Dinner/ before bed)

Take 1 capsule

Healthy Kick Plant-based Vitmain C 
(After Dinner)

Take 1 capsule

Love Your Gut Daily Biotic-Komplex 
(After Dinner)

Over 4 years old - Take 1 capsule, do not open the capsule

Love Your Gut Daily Biotic-Komplex
(After Dinner/ before bed)

Take 1 capsule


* Please contact our team to learn more about the supplement combination that is good for you

^ You may mix the capsule content (except Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Komplex) with muesli, yoghurt etc for children



Tips to Strengthen the Immune System


  1. Drink plenty of water

    drinking glass of water

    Drinking 2 liters of water a day encourages healthy lymphatic function which carries white blood cells and other cells in the immune system.


  1. Sleep 7 - 8 Hours everyday

    baby sleeping in bed

    Your immune system will be strengthened and your body be rejuvenated during sleep.



  • Keep Moving!

    woman running in park

    Exercising is not just a great way to get in shape but also strengthens your immune system making you stronger! Take Vitamin C at different times of the day after exercising to better support your immune system function.



  1. Relax and Laugh a lot : ) !

    woman smiling and laughing

    Stress and depression make us more susceptible to diseases. So, ENJOY LIFE, BE HAPPY and LAUGH as much as possible ; ) !


  1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

    We can get vitamin C by eating berries, citrus fruits and dark green vegetables to strengthen our immune system and resist viruses.

    If we cannot eat enough fruits & vegetables to reach the needs of vitamin C every day, we can take the following Ogaenics vitamin C to maintain the immune system and keep you healthy in the season when germs are everywhere.

    Body Guard Immunity Komplex An immune system booster which contains a balancing, antiocidant and imminomodulatory effects with plant-based organic Vitamin C and organic Zine, organic Maitake medicinal Mushrooms and organic Matcha.

    Healthy Kick Plant-Based Vitamin C Contains a high doses of plant-based Vitamin C (240mg) from organic Amla Fruits to boosts the immune system & antioxidants, help detoxify and provide energy support.

Ogaenics Body Guard Immunity Komplex and Healthy Kick Plant-based Vitamin C supplements


  1. Supplements must be taken at the right time for good absorption and results


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