BEYORG | Beyond Organic


01 SUSANNE KAUFMANN Hand Spray Purif-I Sanitizing

Purif-i is a tonic for the hands with a completely new agent combination: it disinfects hands without drying them simultaneously and it is intensely caring.


02 A.O.R Detox & Brighten Clay Mask

It uses organic bentonite and kaolin clay to detoxify, unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. The potent ingredients in each are designed to activate only when you grind them together.



03 KONJAC SPONGE Pink Clay Heart Sponge

The pink clay-infused sponge will treat and delicately kiss tired or devitalised skin.


04 OGAENICS Immune Booster Combo

The only 100% organic immune booster that delivers strong cell protection and beautiful hair, skin and nails. Everyone who has a lot of contact with other people (and thus also with bacteria and viruses) or works in air-conditioned environments need them.


05 POMMADE DIVINE Nature's Remedy Balm

Pommade Divine is a multi-purpose skincare remedy that helps to quickly repair and deeply nourish dry, damaged skin. Good for eczema.


06 PRIMAVERA Essential Oils | Cold & Flu Fighter

Diffusing antiviral and antibacterial oils throughout the cold and flu season can help to purify the air, combat germs and reduce the spread of bacteria. The ultrasound technology ensures a pleasant scenting and moistening of the room air by cold fogging.

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