Packaged in a gift box you will find 15 mini-mes of our bestselling body products.

The Best of Body box includes:
- St. John’s Wort Bath Calming 50g
- Alkali Salt deacidifying 60g
- Herbal Whey Bath Nourishing 40g
- Shower/Shampoo 30ml
- De-stress Oil 30ml
- Oil Bath For The Senses 30 ml
- Detox Oil 30ml
- Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath 30ml
- Hand Cream Nourishing 15ml
- Resculpting Oil 30ml
- Oil Bath Winter 30ml
- Anti Aging Body Cream 15ml
- Body Butter 15ml
- Foot Cream warming 15ml
- Body Scrub 15ml

- St. John’s Wort Bath Calming
Consists of delicate bath crystals that completely dissolve in the water and create a wonderfully velvety sensation on the skin.

- Alkali Salt Deacidifying
Provides holistic benefits for the entire body. It helps to reduce the acidity of the skin, promotes the elimination of waste products and sets blocked energies free.

- Herbal Whey Bath Nourishing
Ingredients from linden and chamomile soothes and relaxes the senses after a busy day. 

- Shower/Shampoo
A gentle body cleanser, skin nourishment, shampoo and conditioner all in one.

- De-stress Oil
With rosehip seed oil, avocado oil and marigold oil is a balanced composition made from nourishing skin function oils that calm the skin.

- Oil Bath For The Senses
Consisting of the essential oils of the ylang-ylang tree, patchouli plant and lavender, is a relaxing, aphrodisiacal experience after a strenuous day. 

- Detox Oil
A combination of active skin function oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil and consciously produced plants extracts from ginger and birch leaves. 

- Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath
Caring mallow extract and effective oils from mountain pine and juniper, which have a supportive effect on the immune system and the respiratory tract.

- Hand Cream nourishing
The rich hand cream contains beneficial substances derived from mallow and witch hazel.

- Resculpting Oil
An actively regenerating formula used to give the tissue more resilience and smooth the skin.

- Oil Bath Winter
Pampers you with fragrant, indulgent oils of cinnamon, clove and orange.

- Anti Aging Body Cream
Formulated with wild yam root extract and moth bean seeds supports the formation of collagen and a more even and youthful skin while plant complex IBR slows the aging process of skin cells. 

- Body Butter
Pampers the skin with a high-quality combination of shea butter and olive oil.

- Foot Cream Warming
Nourishes and pampers the feet with a marigold extract.

- Body Scrub
Removes dead skin and invigorates the body in a gentle and pleasant way.

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