Although we eat more consciously and healthily these days, vitamin deficiency is inevitable for many people. Keeping the right balance and proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are essential for general well-being. However, our eating habits sometimes do not provide us with everything we need. Studies show that we cannot get certain nutrients from food in sufficient quantities. In fact, fruits and veggies contain on average about half of the nutrients compared to about 15 years ago. Organic fruits and vegetables still seem to provide more nutrients than conventionally grown foods, but with certain vitamins and minerals, that is still not enough to ensure optimal supply.


Lifestyle factors for increased nutrient requirements


In addition to our diet, there are several factors increase our nutritional needs. For example, pregnancy and lactation increase the energy requirements of the mother by about 15%. Infections and surgery can increase the loss of certain vitamins and minerals from the body, creating a greater nutrient need during recovery. Besides, suffering from stress over a long period, regular nicotine and alcohol consumption and healthy physical activities can also be the reasons for an increased nutritional requirement. Along with the factors outlined above, body weight, height, and muscle mass also define an adult’s individual nutrient needs. If it is not optimally covered by the diet, deficiencies arise.


Warning Signs of vitamin deficiency


Deficiencies are usually first visible on skin, hair, and nails. Here are some symptoms that you should beware of and increase nutrient intake.


  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Lack of energy
  • Brittle and dry hair
  • Ridged or spoon-shaped nails
  • Mouth Problems
  • Diarrhea / Constipation
  • Mood Swings, being highly nervous

Premature aging can be the result of an ongoing deficiency in the nutrient supply of the body since all metabolic processes in the body rely on a sufficient supply to maintain excellent health. Studies have even shown that aging processes might be delayed and mitigated in its effects when the right amount and mix of micronutrients are delivered to the body.


We picked to major important health topics that the majority of us face everyday and explain what can be done to manage these properly.

Vitamin D Deficiency


For a sufficient supply of vitamin D, we depend on the sun. However, long periods of clothes covering the entire body, staying indoors most of the time, the use of sunscreens and many other factors result in insufficient vitamin D being produced in the body. Vitamin D is essential for our health because every cell in the body needs vitamin D to execute all the functions and activities. Researchers in Hong Kong said that vitamin D deficiency is reportedly common in the region which leads to a greater risk of cardiometabolic disease, cancer, and depression, etc. 1  Independent health organizations, therefore, recommend the use of dietary supplements.

 1 Hataikarn Nimitphong, Michael F. Holick: Vitamin D status and sun exposure in southeast Asia, 2013, Mithal A et Al: Global vitamin D status and determinants of hypovitaminosis D., 2009


To manage one´s vitamin D supply Hello Sunshine can be the perfect product to do so:



Hello Sunshine (Plant-based Vitamin D 2,000 I.E.)

The plant-based sunshine vitamin in certified organic quality


The vegetarian capsules contain pure mushroom powder, providing 2,000 I.U. natural vitamin D.


  • Protects against vitamin D deficiency
  • Supports strong bones, teeth, and muscles
  • Helps the normal function of the immune system
  • Supports bone density (osteoporosis prevention)
  • Supports the formation of healthy cells
  • Fat burning: recent studies indicate that vitamin D stabilizes blood sugar and leads to increased fat burning
If you suffer from long periods of stress or cannot get out of stressful phases at the moment here is how you can support yourself:

Supplements to support stress


In some situations, stress can be your best friend. It enables you to move forward and gives us adrenaline – the energy we need to pass an exam, to master an athletic challenge or to overcome fears. However, depending on your emotional state, certain situations can create a type of stress that is more harmful and difficult to manage.

It is unavoidable that stress becomes a normal part of life for everyone and all we can do is to make ourselves more adaptable to stress. Other than exercising and doing meditation, taking supplements can also help you cope with stress.


This product combination may be your choice to combat stress on all levels body, mind, and soul:

Adapto Genie (Anti-Stress Komplex):

  • Helps reduce the feeling of stress
  • Helps to calm down anxiety, improve insomnia
  • Boosts the ability to concentrate
  • Strengthens the emotional balance and improves depressive moods
  • Supports energy production, reduces tiredness and fatigue


Calm A Lama (Plant-based Magnesium):

Magnesium can relieve certain physical stress symptoms such as nervousness, a weak psyche and muscle tension.


Body Guard (Immun Komplex):

Stress challenges your immune system and creates a whole load of free radicals that will attack the cells in our bodies. Body Guard contains antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and inflammation caused by free radicals. Vitamin C and Zinc support your immune system. Ensures that all body systems work at optimum capacity.


Green Energy (Plant-based Vitamin B12):

  • Supports energy production, reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Contributes to the normal function of the immune and nervous system as well as the psyche


Love Your Gut (Daily Biotic Komplex):

Stress impacts your digestive health negatively. In the worst case – if the stress continues over a long time – diarrhea, constipation or even irritable bowel syndrome can be the result. the contained good bacteria in Love Your Gut help get the intestinal flora back in to balance and soothe nutritional digestive issues.