The news from Beyorg HQ? We’ve welcomed an exciting new line of supplements. We’re thrilled to introduce the latest collection from Ogaenics, designed to boost hair and nail growth and give skin radiance.

The new range includes Hairleluja Super Hair Komplex, Beauty Skin Fuel Radiance Komplex and Beauty Base Skin Hair Nails Komplex. Each supplement has been crafted using the finest organic and vegan ingredients, bringing you ultra-effective beauty treatments that work from the inside out.

At Beyorg, our philosophy is that beauty begins within. Internal beauty and health, assisted by Ogaenics vitamins, is the key to radiant skin, luscious hair and healthy nails.

In tandem with the launch of these new products, we bring you the definitive guide to taking vitamins. It might seem simple, but rethinking the way you consume your vitamins can completely change how effective they are.

Read on for Ogaenics’ insights on the 8 common mistakes people make when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements. Avoid these pitfalls, say Ogaenics, and you’ll instantly improve the absorption and effectiveness of the vitamins you take.




It’s true that most vitamins are best taken in the morning with your breakfast. Particularly stimulating vitamins such as vitamin C, which you’ll find in the Body Guard Immunity-Komplex, in Healthy Kick plant-based Vitamin C and in the new Beauty Base Skin Hair Nails Komplex or B vitamins, which the B Happy vitamin B Komplex is chockfull of, should never be taken in the evening, as they increase energy and can affect how well you sleep.

We also recommend that you take Vitamin D, which you can get from Ogaenics’ Hello Sunshine plant-based vitamin D, in the morning. Vitamin D stimulates serotonin (a feel-good neurotransmitter), which can lower the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Magnesium, meanwhile, which you’ll find in Ogaenics’ Calm-A-Lama plant-based magnesium, is one you can – and should – take at night. Ideal for taking with your dinner, magnesium can improve sleep quality.

You should also take probiotic supplements at night. Ogaenics recommends taking their Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Komplex right before bedtime. This way, the good bacteria from the probiotics can get on with doing their job, uninterrupted by stomach acid, digestive enzymes or the digestive processes that occur when you eat a meal (dinner, for example). It allows them to stick to the intestinal walls better, too.




Many supplements from commercial brands contain binders, fillers, flowing agents, and other additives. These supposedly “inactive” compounds can have all kinds of unknown effects on the body (which is why Ogænics does without them completely).

It’s good practice to read every ingredient list – whether that’s for vitamins, food or drinks – and to understand each ingredient. Pay particular attention to E numbers: that is, the letter E paired with an ingredient number. If you see E 321, for example, your alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear: this is an indication your supplement, food or drink contains harmful binders, fillers, flowing agents, and or other additives.

A common example is butylated hydroxytoluene, which can cause allergic reactions and has been known to cause changes to the immune system, thyroid gland and liver in animals. Another regular fixture in supplements is magnesium stearate, a common superplasticiser used to squeeze ingredients into capsules at low cost. This is also suspected of causing allergies and immune deficiencies.




Always combine fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, K and E with a meal: this is the only way the body can absorb them. Take calcium with meals, too; the stomach acid produced when you digest food helps with calcium absorption.

Those with sensitive stomachs can experience stomach discomfort when taking vitamins on an empty stomach. Whether you have a sensitive stomach or not, it’s best to have a light meal before consuming your vitamins. Your stomach will thank you!




Certain vitamins pair well when taken together, and this can depend on your individual health needs. If you take iron – which is especially important for women – you should always combine it with vitamin C. An effective supplement, like the Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Komplex Women, will deliver a combination of both for optimal iron absorption.




With all supplements, please consult your healthcare professional before you start taking them. This is particularly important if you’re taking medication on a regular basis because specific medication-supplement combinations can decrease the efficacy of both your medication and your supplement – even to the point of nullifying their effects altogether.


Here some common examples to be aware of:

• Zinc, which you’ll find in the Body Guard Immunity-Komplex, can reduce the absorption and effectiveness of some medications.

• Folate, such as also known as vitamin B9, which is a key ingredient in the B Happy vitamin B Komplex or in the Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Komplex Women, can affect the effectiveness of methotrexate, which is a common ingredient treating leukaemia and rheumatism.

• Iron (which you’ll find in Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Komplex Women) can reduce the absorption and effectiveness of some medications. If you’re taking thyroid hormones, antibiotics or bisphosphonates (medication for osteoporosis), wait two hours before taking your vitamins (or take your vitamins two hours before your thyroid meds, antibiotics or bisphosphonates).

• In high doses, omega fatty acids like in the Oilalala Skin Omega Komplex may have blood-thinning effects. This may be of relevance if you plan surgery, if you have a bleeding disorder or are taking blood-thinning medications.

• If you regularly take blood thinners (e.g. Warfarin), you should not take vitamin K without seeking medical advice first.

• Antibiotics can deactivate probiotics like Ogaenics’ Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Komplex – especially if you take them at the same time. To maximise the efficacy of both, take them at least two hours apart.




Unlike Ogaenics vitamins, synthetic vitamins are isolated individual substances, lacking the transport substances and cofactors that vitamins from plants naturally have. As a result, the body does not initially recognise synthetic vitamins as vitamins and it needs help to absorb them. That “help” comes in the form of cofactors stolen by these synthetic vitamins from your body’s natural stores. The result? Synthetic vitamins are not absorbed as well as natural vitamins and this nutrient theft can cause deficiencies in the long-term.

Let’s look at vitamin B1 (thiamine), for example. It’s responsible for carbohydrate metabolism and the regeneration of the nervous system in the body. Natural vitamin B1 from plants is bound to the cofactor phosphorus and enzymes that affect phosphorous in the body help to ensure natural vitamin B1 gets absorbed. Synthetic vitamin B1, meanwhile, is an isolated vitamin and must first combine with phosphorus as a cofactor in the body. To do this, the synthetic vitamin B1 steals phosphorus from your blood, which can lead to phosphorus deficiency in the long run.

Natural vitamins consist of various vitamin, enzyme and mineral combinations, blended specifically to ensure the body recognises them and can use them directly. As a result, natural vitamins are more effective and the body absorbs them better than synthetic vitamins. Even with continuous consumption, natural vitamins will bring positive benefits to the body; they won’t deplete the body’s resources like their synthetic counterparts.




Natural vitamins and minerals have long-term benefits for the health and robustness of the body and cells, and therefore the aging process, if you take them regularly. Even if you do not immediately see and feel a dramatic change in your overall well-being, the supplements are hard at work inside your body. Taking vitamins sporadically causes the level of the corresponding vitamins in the body to fluctuate constantly between optimal levels and undersupply. Your future self will thank you!




Vitamins will work a lot better if you pair them with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s important to take a holistic approach to your help. When paired with sufficient sleep (seven to nine hours per night is the general recommendation), a balanced diet and exercise, supplements can help bring your body and mind closer to a more active, better rested, healthier version of you, and help maintain your health in a sustainable way.



Beauty Base (Skin Hair Nails Komplex):

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