As low as HK$460

100% ORGANIC COTTON: Made of premium, GOTS-certified organic cotton.

OBA-FREE: No faux clean looks and weird glows under UV.

PVA-FREE: No nasty petro-based PVAs. They are made with a 100% biodegradable starch compound (potato and corn), and coconut oil.

SALT-FREE: The waterways are kept fresh for the environment and wildlife.

DYE-FREE BODY: The organic cotton touching your skin as organic and natural as possible.

MAMMOTH COAT: Pile formations are up to 3 times longer than average towels, providing a unique, luxury feel.

650 GSM: The optimal luxury weight. Thick and plush quality heft without being too heavy or taking too long to dry.

Size of hand towel:40 x 75 cm (16” x 30”)
Size of bath towel: 70 x 140 cm (28" x 55")

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