The ultrasound technology splits the water and the essential oils into the finest particles and ensures a pleasant scenting and moistening of the room air by cold fogging.

Increase indoor humidity
Suitable for aromatherapy
LED lights create harmonious in 3 levels
Continuous operation of 1 or 2 hours or to activate the 6-hour interval function
The fog and the light can be controlled separately
When the water is dry, the machine will automatically start the closing device

Technical Specifications:
Height: 15cm , Diameter: 10cm
Fuel tank capacity: 100ml
Ultrasonic frequency: 1,700,000Hz 
Power consumption: 9W
Transformer(in): AC 100 - 240 V(50/60 Hz)
Transformer(out): DC 15 V(0.8 A)
Output Power: 12W
Weight: 645g
Cable length:1.85m
Material: Ceramic and plastic 
Fragrancing environment: 4-5 meters
More Information
  1. Remove the ceramic top and the splash guard

  2. Add 100 ml of water and add 3 - 5 drops of a fragrance mixture or an essential oil into the water

  3. The generated cold mist spreads a pleasant fragrance in the room

  4. The fragrancing environment is 4 - 5 meters

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