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Get ready for a truly indulgent experience with the A.O.R Intensive Moisturising and Brightening Facial!

For this luxurious facial, using two signature massage techniques that will leave your skin brightened, nourished, radiant and baby-soft.

Your facial muscles store a lot of tension: excessive and long-term tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around your forehead and eyes. Using a jade roller can help iron out these kinks so you’re not only giving your skin an instant lift, but also preventing future wrinkles. Rolling the jade across the muscles of your face improves blood circulation and stimulates collagen production; it assists with lymphatic drainage and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

After massaging your face with a jade roller, therapist will perform a unique form of lymphatic drainage massage using A.O.R’s signature butterfly technique. This technique involves gently massaging pressure points on the face in order to flush toxins from the body, while directing nutrients and oxygen where they’re needed: your skin cells. This treatment uses a potent combination of 15 A.O.R organic skincare products including vitamin-rich cream mask and intensive moisturising sheet mask to provide long-lasting hydration to your skin and boosting its radiance. 

Treatment Area: face, eyes, head, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands, arms and feet

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