Under stress, this combination promotes adrenal function, mental clarity and stress tolerence.

During stress, the body and circulation work at full speed: more energy, oxygen and also more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are needed. The irony of stress is that we tend to eat foods that contain few nutrients - usually "comfort food" such as sweets, chocolate and other snacks made from short-chain carbohydrates.

To get off the stress level and get stress through stress, the body needs many antioxidants, B Vitamins and extra Magnesium support.

This combination includes:

- B-Happy Vitamin B-Komplex 60 Caps

- Adapto-Genie Anti-Stress Komplex 60 Caps

- Calm-A-Lama plant-based Magnesium 60 Caps

- B-Vitamins address the physical level of stress - which is mostly tiredness and fatigue.

- Adapto-Genie goes further and works not only on a physical level but improves also the emotional symptoms of stress which might be depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings. It is proven to reduce those emotional stress symptoms in less than two weeks.

- Calm-A-Lama plant-based Magnesium: Improve certain physical stress symptoms liked anxiety, nervousness and muscle tension.

Different supplements can be used depending on changes in physical symptoms and emotional symptoms. See "How to use" for details.

More Information

[Physical level of stress]

- In the morning, take 1 capsule of B-Happy Vitamin B-Komplex. In the evening, take 1 capsule of Calm-A-Lama with a glass of water with your meal, approx.

[Physical level and emotional symptoms of stress]

- Take 2 capsules of  Adapto-Genie a day, ideally once in the morning, once at noon. But it is also possible to take both capsules at once.

In the evening, take 1 capsule of Calm-A-Lama with a glass of water with your meal, approx.

[Hormone related issues/ Vitamin B deficiency]

Adapto Genie contains the vitamin b complex in a moderate dosage.

A combination with B-Happy (high-dosage) may be indicated if: 

- Customer experiences also severe hormone related issues like PMS, Migraine, Acne

- Customer has symptoms of a severe Vitamin B deficiency like Nerve problems (numbness or tingling), muscle weakness, problems walking, difficulty thinking.

We recommend splitting doses: take the B-Happy capsule in the morning and the 2 capsules of Adapto-Genie at lunchtime

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