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01 Skin Recovery Blend

Helps to repair and protect compromised skin and minimise redness and itch. Recommended to aid a spectrum of issues associated with dry skin.

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02 Multi-Active Balm UVA | UVB SPF30

A deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin and omega-rich lip balm, with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF 30.

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03 Silver Ointment

Helps to calm the skin in case of neurodermatitis, damaged, reddened or itchy skin. Reduces inflammations and redness especially during the acute phase. See more effective ointments for different type of skin!

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04 RMS Lip Stick

Enriched with the signature rms beauty oil. Rich and powerful in anti-oxidants, this lipstick offers ultimate hydration and maximum color pay-off.

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05 XMAS Set Series
Best of Body

Packaged in a gift box you will find 15 pieces of body products. 

 more perfect XMAS gifts for people you care about!

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06 Hydrating Yogurt Mask

Hydrates dry skin and restores its natural radiance with the whole plant ingredients in this creamy mask. Deeply moisturizes while refining skin texture for a silky soft, refreshed glow.

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